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Lane Shark – Cutting The Berm

Lane Shark - Cutting the Pistol Berm.
Massey Ferguson 4707 on the pistol berm. Lane Shark cutter on the front.

So the day has come. I need to use the new tractor, with both it’s cutters, to manage the pistol pit berm. Don’t let the pics fool you, three sides are very steep. 

Some of the cutting was experimental. And what I mean by that is I am still getting a feel for what is possible with the John1911 range tractor and some of it’s implements. So it’s a constant process of slowly testing to see what I can get away with. 

“What about this?”

“What if I try that?”

“How high can I cut above me?”

“Will the cutter reach below me?”


You get the point. So here are just a few still shots early on. I have the entire outside face and top of the berm cut. All that is left is the inside, which I will address after this next wave of rain passes. 





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