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Tara TM-9 Pistol First Shots
Tara TM-9 Safe to shoot?

Picked up this Tara TM-9 from Centerfire Systems. For practically a steal, IMO. Came with 2 17 round mags but we decided to toss in a 3rd for a few more bucks. 

Between you and me, we had NEVER heard of this gun until it popped up at the dealer. If I can get the story right, and that’s a big if, it seems these came into the US without permission of the manufacturer. 

So much so, “without permission” that manufacturer publicly took the position these guns were not up to their production standards and were not safe to shoot. In the US. 

Think about that for a minute. Seriously let that sink in. Smells to me like the maker wanted to have their own import deal into the US and tried to cut the owner of this batch off at the knees. Which…they succeeded in doing. 

The result being these guns languished in at least two US warehouses for years. Until at some point someone decided to buy them cheap and have a gunsmith go over them to confirm of the production standard story was truth or BS. Seems that gunsmith certified them as perfectly serviceable guns. 

But the reputational damage was done. They didn’t hardly sell and now are being blown out at Centerfire Systems. 

Look. We are not gear reviewers. I bought it. We shot it. Seems fine. Appears to actually be well made on it’s face. I think this pistol is a good buy and would have zero qualms running and gunning long term with a TM-9.  

Take from that what you will. 






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