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SIG P320 Uncommanded Discharge on Video

SIG P320 Negligent Discharge
SIG P320 Negligent Discharge

Oh. It’s on like Donkey Kong now. A SIG P320 was observed discharging in a Level 2/3 duty holster at a police station. Recorded on facility security cam and multiple body cams. 

The only debates now are how was the pistol configured? Is it in or out of spec of SIG OEM TDPs? And if in spec, is the holster maker’s design causing or related to the ND?

Don’t kid yourself on the last one. Every company attached to that officer’s duty rig is having meetings and phone calls with counsel to get in front of the finger pointing & buck passing that is coming. 

But no matter what happens going forward, the debate of this being real is now over. 

No more denying it. 






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