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Carry the Pistol You Want to Carry


Since I mentioned Glocks in a recent post, I have been getting some questions about what my preferred Glock is? My opinion is somewhat in the minority since it ISN’T the Glock 19. You see, I don’t have the smallest hands and I find the Glock 19 just a little too small for complete comfort grip-wise. And if I am not careful, severe magazine bite is just a drill away.

And when you factor in that I am not of the smallest stature, I don’t have ANY issues carrying and concealing a full sized Glock 17. Even AIWB. Heck, I carried a 5″ steel 1911 for 12 years AIWB / cross draw. A polymer, wonder-nine is a piece of cake! And when I zoom past 8-9 rounds without reloading, I feel like I’m downright cheating!

So while all the cool kids swear that the Glock 19 is where it’s at, go with what makes you happy. Carry the 17. Carry the 21. Carry the 34. Who cares? I learned a long time ago that confidence in your weapon choice is huge. Almost paramount. If YOU don’t like your gun or don’t believe in it, you won’t shoot it as well.

Note: These pics are old but never published. I took these while on the range breaking in a brand-new Gen 4 17 in FDE in 2014. Which is why you see the crappy stock Glock sights. And yes, I shoot just about every pistol on a timer. Why? It eliminates the subjective bull$hit and keeps you humble. Today this pistol has a Wilson Ledge style rear.




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