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Dan Wesson Pistol Pack

Dan Wesson pistol pack
Dan Wesson pistol pack. 22LR in case.

On pod a few weeks ago, Freeze was discussing the CZ purchase of Colt firearms. On change he suggested that took all of us off-guard is the suggestion that CZ make a Colt Python Pistol Pack. Much like the Dan Wesson version. 

I don’t know how feasible it is considering the need for feeler gauges and how things work with a Python. But the idea is intriguing. 

The pic: A few weeks ago I was traveling and saw a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack for sale. Only this one was in 22LR. Never have I seen THAT before. 

So…for those wondering what a “Pistol Pack” looks like this photo sums up exactly how they were packaged and sold. 

How neat would it be if Colt did the same with their Python? One can dream. 






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