Joe Biden Gun Ban

They Won’t Stop

It never stops. Even one more regulation is just added on top of 90 years of “It’s just”. 

The biggest mistake that was ever made in protecting the modern semi-auto AR-15 is the banning of new machine guns. Why? Something has to be #1. And once you eliminate that, the previous #2 becomes the new #1 to be targeted.

Gun Control Meme

Gun Control Meme

You doubt me? Ban 50BMG rifles. Then next it’ll be 416 and 375 Cheytac. After that it will be 338 Lapua. After that it’ll be YOUR bolt gun. Right now Canadians want to ban air-soft. 

See my point?

No more. Not kidding. I am not fighting anyone. But I also am not farming out the defense of my rights to the NRA. I am making a personal decision. And if I have to be like Ghandi or Nelson Mandela, and the state moves to crush me? I am ready. 

Yes, if that means I have to spend the rest of my life in jail because I personally won’t give up my Second Amendment rights? That is my choice. My forefathers fought and died for this country and our rights. They suffered untold hardships. They would think jail is a cakewalk. 

I am not a descendent of fearful men. 



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