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Does 45-70 Damage Our Steel Targets?

Shooting 45-70 at steel targets.
Shiloh Sharps 45-70 on steel target at 60 yards.

We had a message from someone who wanted to know who made our steel targets? The reason being he had heard 45-70 would punch holes in steel. 

Well…I don’t know what kind of targets he’s been shooting, but 45-70 doesn’t even dent or divot our steel. And I suspect nobody else’s as well. 

The rule of thumb I have always heard was very fast bullets with small front surface areas are more likely to “burn through” steel targets. 45-70 is neither fast or small in diameter. Not saying there isn’t some specialty round out there capable of it. But nothing we are readily familiar with. 

That’s one to grow on, kids. 

Picture above: two hits of 45-70, at 60 yards, from a 26”+ barrel. 






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