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EP78 of The John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

This is a little but different version of the normal podcast. As you may be aware, we are still building out the new range facilities. So while Freeze and I were headed back in, we recorded an episode in the truck.

With all the accompanying distractions and noise one might expect when driving the Pork-Chop-Express on a Friday evening.


  • Range Build-out Update
  • The Hudson H9 is shipping.
  • Some fool is mud testing the Hudson H9.
  • More proof the 1911 industry will collapse: $10k Ed Brown.
  • We have solved the steel target stand problem.
  • Freeze closes down a liquor store for USMC B-day.
  • The positive side of breaking guns.
  • What we will and won’t do for views.

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