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Range Construction — Prone Shooting Deck

The prone shooting position.

One of the shooting positions I personally use quite a bit is the prone. At the main shooting station, aka the Briar Patch, we decided that we needed a dedicated prone station.

This was built just today along with 2 traditional shooting benches and a 100 yard paper target backer. You can see the backer just behind this deck. Freeze did a good job with those.

Some highlights. We had to use some large cement blocks to level the bases. And some smaller decorative brick from Freeze’s home build. The 10 foot pallet. The heavy gauge spool. And the smaller pallets are all connected together and shimmed with 3.5” deck screws.

The whole bench is rock solid. Even with my 235lb frame standing at the very end. And should the structure move or shift a little due to settling, we can easily correct for it.

Also…the deck is not 100% level. By design, it has a very slight, few degree rise, from back to front.

Stay tuned. More to come.




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