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eXperior 1911 Pull Weight

Wilson eXperior Trigger Pull Weight.
Wilson eXperior Trigger Pull Weight.

After shooting the 30 yard plate rack sequence, we received a few inquires about the Wilson eXperior 1911. In particular what is the pull weight of the trigger?

The average taken in this video is 3lbs, 11oz. 

Now the next question should be, “Is that measurement accurate?”. And here is where I feel the need to give a few disclaimers:

  • I have pulled this trigger as low as 2lb, 15oz.
  • Many times, gauge readings depend on user technique.
  • I doubt this scale could be used for commercial weights and measures. Example: would you trust this scale to exactly give you 3lbs, 11oz of gold? I wouldn’t. 
  • The scale is more of a personal data point not a measurement of record. Example: How does X-gun rate to Y-gun in YOUR collection? In YOUR hands?
  • Many people unconsciously define a “good trigger” differently. Some like 2-stage / pre-travel. Some like a crisp wall. Some mistakenly describe a crisp wall, when they are actually pulling through more of a “roll-trigger”. 
  • Round count matters. At the filming of this video, I have only 651 rounds fired through this gun. Since it was originally an in-house T&E example, Wilson guesses less than 600 rounds fired before it was sent to us. I can also state, we have easily dry fired this pistol more than 500 times. Maybe 2-3x more. Is that enough to reach trigger “break-in”? Unknown. But needs to be acknowledged. 
  • Trigger break-in is more user psychology as they get used to, and more familiar with, a particular gun. 
  • It is likely that the folks at Wilson Combat would disagree with everything I have said and postulated here. Which is also fine. They get paid big bucks to build guns. We do not. 
  • In the end, trigger pull analysis is more about JuJu and jinxes than measurable science and engineering. So don’t get wrapped up in my mumbo jumbo or the contents of this video. 






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