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General Garnett’s Sword Update

General Garnett's Sword (Lamp) Project
The General Garnett Sword Lamp.

I was recently reminded by a viewer that I hadn’t done a follow up on Armory Chat 41: General Garnett’s Sword (Lamp). 


So…Cough…cough…let me put on my my best affected 1860’s persona:

“Dear Sir,

It has recently been brought to my attention that a grave injustice has been committed upon the fair and just readers of this land. And if that error wasn’t enough to pain my heart? Imagine my absolute horror to be informed that it is my doing, and my doing alone, that is solely responsible for this travesty. 

So enclosed in this correspondence are the final developments of the, “General Garnett Sword (Lamp)” project. 

It is my sincerest hope that the good people of the comment section will someday find it in their hearts to overlook this transgression. And if nothing else, to hold harmless the “General Garnett Sword (Lamp). It lives on, with honor, and dignity in The Armory; providing good and faithful service. And any ill will or feeling about the subject should be my burden and my burden alone. 



Your Obedient Servant,



All Articles South of the Ohio

and West of The Shenandoah Valley”



P.S. I have read way, way, way too many Civil War correspondence letters. 

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