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GRS Ragnarok Blaser R8 Chassis

GRS Ragnarok Chassis First Impressions
GRS Ragnarok Chassis First Impressions

After months of waiting we finally have the much anticipated GRS Ragnarok chassis system in our hands. 

This system with its folding stock and customizable features; including 1913 rail and MLOK, enables the user to convert any Blaser hunting rifle into a full target, tactical set up. 

Lights, lasers, night vision, Bi-pods, saddle mounts, etc. Wether you are setting up to hunt pigs or are positioned for a SWAT deployment as a sniper? This system enables the user the flexibility we’ve all been waiting for.

The legendary accuracy and caliber configuration of the Blaser R8 now meets user configurability for modern accessories.

We are super excited. Stay tuned as we shake this out. 

Special thanks to Jerry at GRS for working with us and getting this chassis in our hands.






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