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GRS Ragnarok Blaser R8 Chassis

It appears we have a 3rd chassis now on the market for the Blaser R8 rifles. This one coming out of Norway. The GRS Ragnarok. For those who have been in the precision rifle scene, GRS is probably not a new name to you. They are probably the single most popular rifle / chassis maker outside of the United States. 

GRS Ragnarok Left side.

As I recall off the top of my head, GRS started life as a furniture maker. But seeing the writing on the wall, they realized a need to diversify. So they looked around and saw an opportunity to use their woodworking skills in the rifle market. 

What made them extremely unique was their approach to ergonomics. They didn’t seem hide-bound to rifle industry concepts of how a rifle should look. Only how it should feel. 

A couple of years ago, they came out with a synthetic chassis system and ever since, the Blaser community has been waiting for a R8 iteration. Now we have it. 

Specifications GRS Ragnarok

  • 6063 Anodized Aluminum body
  • GRS Speedlock II adjustment system
  • Hinge included
  • LOP 37,5 – 40,5 cm / 14.7” to 15.9”
  • 0.5 GRS Limb-saver Airtech recoil pad
  • Total length 885mm / 34.84”
  • Fore end width 42mm / 1.65”
  • Weight 2036 grams / 4.48lbs
  • No bedding required
  • Flush cup sling mounts and sling loops included
  • Canting of recoil pad in 5* increments
  • Prepared for mounting 1913 rails on the fore end
  • 1 1913 rail on the rear stock included
  • Recommended torque settings 5.5 nm

I know Blaser sells the wood GRS systems with receiver blocks already installed. As of this writing I have no idea if that arraignment is still the same. However, I know Kelbly’s in North Lawrence, Ohio is a stocking GRS dealer. I’d bet they will have the answers soon enough. 


GRS Website Click Here

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