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What is Long Range?

US Army Small Arms Firing Manual & Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood.

This question came up recently with some of our viewers. And I thought it was interesting to see different descriptions of “long range” reflective more of individual perspective than a published standard. 

Short range is 500 yards. Bet many of you are surprised by that.

For example, someone who has never really fired beyond 200 yards might think 600y or 800y is long range. While another calculated “long range” primarily based on the presence of a rifle optic. Inferring that the definition has changed over time with advances in technology. While a third thought long range was based on the limits of his individual eyesight. 

Medium Range 500-800 yards. Note..realistically the 308 is a 800 yard round. Yes I know you’ve shot it farther. So have I. But I starts to get squirrelly.

And you know what? On some level they are all right in their assessment. Because any shot you can’t reasonably make a hit on is defiantly, “too long a range”. 

So…instead of looking to modern standards or Hollywood perceptions, I thought it would be neat to go back to a time when ALL rifles used iron sights. Volley-fire was a thing. And military ammo wasn’t chambered in 6mm-Ninja; or some other exotic BC bullet, claiming zero wind drift in a CAT 5 hurricane. 

Long range. 800-1200. You will sometimes see beyond 1200 as ELR or Extreme Long Range.

All of these are definitions that were calculated with a 30-06 chambering, in a 1903 Springfield bolt gun, sporting iron sights. 

These distances and measurements brought to you and endorsed by Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, Army Chief of Staff. April 15th, 1917 in Small Arms Firing Manual. Any issues with these numbers should be brought up to him. 





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