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Blaser R8 Akila Chassis

Notice the stock folds over the bolt-handle. Nice touch.

So yesterday I found a new product for the Blaser R8 rifle system. Akila in Slovenia is selling a R8 based chassis system. As I type this, it appears they are still building their website. But poking around here is what I “think” I know:

  • Price 2400 Euros.
  • Includes the serialized receiver block 
  • System seems to be AR stock compatible. 
  • User can select left or right folding stock. 
  • Rear mono-pod included. 
  • Chassis length standalone folded: 23.3” 
  • Chassis length folded with 22” barrel: 30.35”
  • Weight without magazine: 4.88lbs

Why am I interested in this? Simple. My main precision rifle is a Blaser Tactical 2. That is actually based off the original R93 hunting rifle. I knew over time, that the R8 system would mature with more and more aftermarket support. 

And since I already have a Blaser R8 with multiple calibers and barrel profiles, this is a super easy decision. 

Let’s hope they get these into the US? I’d love to have one. Here is their website [CLICK HERE] if you wish to contact them. Tell them we sent ya! 







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