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Hard Primer Testing. 308 ASYM Ammo.

Reloaded 308 with offending hard-primer shown.


We were out getting some training and I had a hard-primer strike.  Well…at first I didn’t know it was that. I was fearful the issue was something wrong with the FP / striker in my Blaser. After pulling the bullet (ASYM 175g 308), checking there was powder, and putting the unloaded case in an AR to see if I could get it pop. No go. You can see the primer dented, by two different firearms, is quite shallow.

Also, the crimp was so tight we damaged the bullet pulling it.  We ended up replacing it with another Sierra Match Boat Tail from our stocks.

In the photos below you can see the grain count. It is what we believe to be BLC-2. 41.9 grains.








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