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Is It Safe To Dry-Fire 1911s?

How to dry-fire a 1911.
Is it safe to dry-fire a 1911?

In short, yes. Just adhere to a few simple tips. While I don’t have a problem with “occasional” slide drops on an empty chamber, repeated drops during high volume dry-fire is just beating fitted parts unnecessarily in a 1911. Specially the sear-hammer hook interface, and the fitted barrel. 

The good news is these actions don’t typically happen during most dry-fire procedures. They happen when practicing slide-lock, reloads dry. 

Additionally, when re-cocking the hammer in dry work, just don’t get into the habit of letting the slide drop freely. Ride it home. Also I didn’t say ride it home slowly or gingerly. Do it quickly! No need for dry work to take longer than it has to. 

If in doubt, just look at ANY national level 1911 shooter. Watch how he or she works the slide when practicing dry. They cycle the action very, very quickly. This shouldn’t add any extra time to the movement. 

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