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John1911 T-Shirts Are Live

John1911 No Authority T-shirts
John1911 No Authority T-shirts

It’s been a couple of years since we made and sold shirts. And this time we are doing things differently. First of all these designs are not print-to-order. Meaning the inventory is already screened. Once they are gone, they are gone!

The second thing that is different is we are selling clothing based off of a quality analysis and season of the year: Winter wear vs summer wear. Fun story (not) to explain why we are going this route.

It Gets Hot in Texas

Some years ago we were a sponsor for a big shooting event at Rifle’s Only in Texas. Texas ranges but also Texas heat. Our shirts at the time were were always “thickly” milled. Technically a 6.1oz weave. People liked them since they feel thicker and “more” is perceived as better. Well…it’s not. They had two drawbacks. One, they were needlessly HOT just to protect RSOs from the sun in Texas. Two, they didn’t stretch optimally for drawing concealed handguns.

John1911 T-Shirts
A shirt not just about guns but life in general.

Shirt Thickness

With that story in mind, we decided to break up our offerings by season. In the summer we are offering these super high quality, light weight designs. And in the winter, we will offer something heavier.

We have taken the time to research and test literally dozens and dozens of shirts ON THE GUN RANGE to meet our comfort, quality and CCW gun-draw standards. No more buying a size up to conceal your gat.

John1911 T-Shirts
John1911 Company Logo Shirt

The Quality Guarantee

Final note on shirt quality. These are not your local gun-show t-shirts and this is how I can prove it. Buy a shirt. Then hand it off to your girlfriend / wife to let her analyze it. If she isn’t impressed with the mill quality, softness and body fit? Send it back no questions asked. I’m betting quite a bit she won’t. These are THAT good.

John1911 T-Shirts
John1911 Stencil Design

What is John1911?

Well…John1911 is and always has been a firearms brand. You can look at the mashup of John Moses Browning and his Colt Model 1911 Pistol to come up with John1911.

I’m a 1911 guy and can shoot pretty much any gun. The goal is to find something that floats your boat. “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”. The more you shoot. The better a shooter you will become.

But there is more to the story…

In the United States we live in, let’s just say, interesting times. Two halves of the country don’t trust each other over politics. We have a federal government that seems hell bent on violating citizen’s Constitutional Rights with every waking dawn. A judiciary that’s obviously accommodating them. And a legislature that is made up of morally bankrupt psychopaths more interested in preening for The Gram than being Congressmen.

John1911 T-Shirts
No Authority – NA Stripe Shirt

What is No Authority?

Today is a technological age where logic reigns supreme. Be it in computers, the internet, science, politics, etc. All those ones & zeros add up to some boolean logic so morally bankrupt and corrupt we actually got a Federally employed, Medical Professional state, no…boast, on national television…literally…”I am the science”.

Talk about wicked. Talk about immoral. What these talking head types in New York & DC forget is the basic foundation of all logic is morality & ethics. Fun fact, in classical education there wasn’t a class “in logic”. The class was called morality & ethics FOR A REASON. But I digress.

John1911 T-Shirts
The John1911 Cross T-Shirt

This completely bankrupt federal system lording down upon all of us peons obviously isn’t the highest power. Isn’t the final Word. And certainly isn’t an entity qualified or capable to judge the morality & ethics of citizens. But yet…here we are. The entire situation reminds me exactly of a conversation Jesus had with Pontius Pilot:

So Pilate said to Him, “Do You refuse to speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You and authority to crucify You?” Jesus answered, “You would have no authority over me if it were not given to you from above”

The Book, chapter and verse of that passage: John 19:11

I don’t believe in coincidences and you don’t either.




”Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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