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M41B Sniper Rifle Project

M41B Sniper Rifle.
M41B Sniper Rifle.

Decided we need to set aside time to shoot some of the MILSURP projects we have in The Armory. And one in particular is the Swedish M41B sniper rifle. 

This is a WWII era, Mauser action bolt gun, chambered in 6.5 Swede (6.5×55), so much longer than 6.5 Creedmoor. Funny enough, I have heard some modern Creedmoor shooters refer to this caliber was the 6.5 Swedemoor which just tickles me to no end! 

Anyway, this video discussed the particulars of this rifle. How it’s setup. The history that we know, and can surmise. Then finally some first shots to confirm nothing catastrophic happens. 

Which it didn’t so that’s a good thing! More to come on this rifle. Stay tuned. 






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