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New Production Steyr-Hahn Barrels

Steyr M12 Barrel
IGB Austria Steyr M12 Barrel. Steyr-Hahn 9mm Barrel.

This recently popped up in our comment section and I thought it was deserving of it’s own post. There appears to be a company in Austria who was making, or planning to make, brand-new production Steyr-Hahn 9mm barrels. 

So what is the significance of this, you ask?

Steyr M12 Barrel
Steyr-Hahn / Steyr M12 uses a rotating barrel design.

Well…as I see it, the original Steyr-Hahn is in what I consider a dead caliber: 9mm Steyr. Yes, there are some ammo shops who will make 9mm Steyr every other year or so. But even then, it’s hard to get and expensive. 

Nazi Germany apparently also agreed. And when they “annexed” Austria in 1938, it was decided to convert all these Hahn’s to 9mm Luger. This was done with new barrels. A la, the Steyr-Hahn P08 was born. P08 being the German designation for their 9mm. 

Steyr M12 Barrel
These are new production 9×19 barrels!

The kick on Steyr’s on the MILSURP market has always been the ammo. Can’t shoot a gun that you can’t get ammo for. Well…now  IGB Austria is giving you an option. Buy one of their barrels. 

At least I think. I don’t read German. But if you are in the market for a Steyr-Hahn or wish to convert your existing example to 9×19? Maybe give them a shout. 

Steyr M12 Barrel
If machined correctly, should just drop-in.

Disclosure: They don’t know us. We don’t know them. They don’t know I am writing this. And we aren’t inclined to tell them. But if you buy one of these barrels, drop me an email so we can do a review on it!

Their Website:


The Steyr Barrels








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