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Norinco 213 Detail Strip

Norinco 213 Chrome frame.


The Norinco 213 is a 9×19 / 9mm Parabellum handgun made in China. It is a copy of the Soviet  Tokarev TT-33. Which in itself is functionally a copy of the Browning 1911 action. Yes really. Here is how it is best explained according to Wikipedia. 

Norinco 213

A brief history/review of the Norinco 213 which is a Chinese Copy of a Russian gun which was a copy of an American design in a German caliber. …

Let that sink in for a minute. So basically if you want a Tokarev, but don’t want to support a “non-standard” caliber? Just buy a copy, of a copy of a copy in 9mm! 

Yeah. That just happened. 

OK. Now for the fun stuff. 

We acquired this pistol for very little money. I think it being shooter grade helped. The joke around here is chrome plated PRC guns come from Chairman MAO’s mausoleum guards! 

The frame, the trigger group, the slide, barrel and bushing are all serialized to the gun. So…it’s parts matching. 

The external thumb safety was added by the US importer. My understanding it’s a simple block style safety and is easily removed. The 213 and all Tokarev’s were designed to be carried either chamber empty or the hammer set on the half-cock position. 

American shooters might be tempted to carry the pistol “cocked & locked” with the addition of the external safety. I have no opinion on that either way. But if you look at the hammer spur, you will notice it is very “thumb friendly”. 

That is done so since the hammer is the main safety-admin device according to the original Soviet manual of arms. But…if you slip and drop the hammer while using it as the safety…boom! 

Proceed accordingly. 







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