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Smith & Wesson model 19 in a new 1791 classic thumb break holster with a Safariland Comp II speedloader and an old school Boston Leather sap. Sent from my iPhone

I needed a new carry holster for my Model 19.  I do not like kydex for revolvers and a lot of the old school holsters for revolvers are no longer in production.  About two years ago I stumbled onto a holster manufacturer and gave them a try.  Their holsters are semi molded for fit. 

Once you carry a specific piece in one, they tend to form pretty nicely.  This particular holster is semi fitted for a 4 inch “K-ish” framed revolver.  

Upon first insertion, the Smith was just a tad tight.  I use a very simple break in procedure. I don’t use ziplock bags, water, blue guns or any other complicated way that seems to be required according to FB experts.  This is actually how we broke in baseball gloves way back when I was in short pants.  Simply put, I generously spray the inside of the holster with silicone spray.  I then insert the gun then leave it alone for about a week. 

The silicone soaks through the leather and appears to leave a stain, but after a week, the leather goes right back to it’s natural color.  Pull the gun out, give it a quick wipe (usually not even needed) and rock on.  It really is that simple.  Speaking of simple, no revolver pic is really complete without a side of Safariland speedloaders and a well used Boston Leather 10 oz sap.





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