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Osprey MK-36 Rifle. M-14 & M-16 Combine

While perusing vendor’s row during the National Matches at Camp Perry, I spotted a very, very, very unusual rifle: The Osprey MK-36.

Apparently, the inventor decided to answer the age old question, “What would happen if in the middle of the night, a M-14 got out of it’s cage and ass-raped a M-16?” From what I have seen here, it appears to be a M-16 chassis with a M-14 style action inside of it.

Dealer said the action wasn't 100% interchangeable with M1A
Dealer said the action wasn’t 100% interchangeable with M1A


It’s very strange. Actually, the entire conversation with the vendor was very, very strange. He seemed to be keen on trying to “bond” with us while giving us the hard sell. He literally covered all the bases in less than a minute just by picking the rifle up:

Osprey MK-36 Rifle. M-14 & M-16 Combine
Osprey MK-36 Rifle. M-14 & M-16 Combine


“We must be Law Enforcement, competitive shooters, military, defense contractors who really, really, really must know what we’re doing since we see the genius (ass-rape) of the Osprey. And you’re obviously knife experts too, buy how nice the edge is on your blade”.

Top view.
Top view.

I shit you not…the soliloquy literally went something like that. All we did was pick up the rifle and wonder how in the hell is a M1A action inside a AR and why? And then it happened. He went too far like a cheap-ass, car salesman.

“SOCOM is very excited about the rifle and they are definitely picking it up”.

A friend commented later, “You literally turned your back on that guy mid-sentence”.

“It was a survival instinct. The bullshit was getting deep in there”, I replied.

Like I said…all very strange.



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