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POTD: Amy’s 1897 Marlin Rifle

Amy's 1897 Marlin Rifle

Amy sent me this photo of her old rifle a while back. I have been meaning to post it since the summer. It’s a very cool old gun and if only it could talk. –Marky 

Hey Marky,
After seeing pics of your nice Winchester 1897 shotgun – I thought you might enjoy seeing another 1897 – my Marlin 1897 rifle. The dumbass previous owner thought it would be a good idea to grind down the hammer so he could put a scope on it…our local gunsmith was able to find a hammer for it, so I’ll be getting it replaced soon.

Amy's 1897 Marlin Rifle
Amy’s 1897 Marlin Rifle


Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving,




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