POTD: Bullets at the Security Stations

I travel quite a bit. I always have. It’s mostly work. I’ve never been to Disney World. But I’ve been through every conceivable security screening you can imagine. Local, State, Federal, US Military, Foreign Military, Executive Branch, Diplomatic Facilities, Political events, Chucky-Cheese. You know, the usual.

And one thing that nobody ever forgets is being the goat and slowing everybody down. I’ve had co-workers screw up. I’ve had employees screw up. I had an old boss screw up. Hell…one time in Miami International THEY screwed up!

So in my never ending quest to not be The Goat, I’m always checking stupid places for stupid things. So I know what I can or cannot cross certain thresholds with. And this time, it paid off. Lookie-lookie-I-found-a-cookie.

I always check for stray items that TSA won't appreciate.

I always check for stray items that TSA won’t appreciate. Stray 38 Special Round found in WileyX Eye-Protection

This could have easily been tossed into gear on the wrong side of security and put a check in the “goat” column. Dodged that bullet. Again. This time a 158g 38 Special GECO round.

Be safe traveling this holiday season.

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