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POTD: That Magazine is Huge!

Deset Eagle Mag w/ VP9
Author's VP9 next to Empty Desert Eagle Mag

So I was in my regular FFL’s shop taking care of some business. Things have been a bit lean over there and I was glad to see some new guns on the wall. Especially some WWII and Pre-war mil-surp stuff. Good times.

While he was checking in with Uncle Sugar confirming my status as a White-Latino or Non-White-Latino, I spied what looked to me as a HUGE box pistol magazine. Since I have behind the counter privileges, I pulled it out from under the glass.

Deset Eagle Mag w/ VP9
Author’s VP9 next to Empty Desert Eagle Mag

“Wow! What the hell does this go to?”

Since he was still on the phone beating the piñata, he covers the mic and whispers, “Desert Eagle. 50 Cal”.

Well that makes sense. Oddly enough, I have fired a 50AE Desert Eagle. Some years ago, Freeze and I were actually at a public range. There was nice fellow in the next lane who was shooting this monster pistol. But you could tell he was having some issues controlling it. After some friendly exchanges, I gave him a quick lesson in recoil management.

First I demo’d how he was holding the gun and the movement under recoil. Next with some small changes to my body, I demo’d more shots with less muzzle-flip. He was impressed. I was happy he was happy. And I felt like I had made the world a better place. Then Freeze opens his mouth…

“You know. You just shot about 60$ worth of his ammo.”

50AE Desert Eagle
50AE Desert Eagle

The look of shock and horror on my face must have been priceless. I apologized and wished to buy him some more at the counter. He graciously declined and thanked us profusely for the instruction as he showed us what he learned.

I think of it every time I see a Desert Eagle. And now you know the rest of the story.




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