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Primer – So Your Student Has a Blaser

Primer So Your Student has a primer
Primer So Your Student has a primer

Shot this last week as a last minute request by an instructor friend of mine. Some students of his are getting ready for a big hunt and it turns out at least one Blaser R8 is being used. 

My friend has seen my Blasers and is a VERY experienced hunter, tactical shooter and instructor. But…he wanted a quick primer on the specifics of the Blaser system. Turns out his students are not experienced gun folks. Not completely unheard-of with the well-heeled, Blaser demographic. 

The issue for my fiend: if something went sideways with the Blaser, he would need to diagnose on the spot, with little to no help from the owners. And not being versed in the peccadillos of the Blasers, he reached out for a video primer. Pretty smart on his part, and the sign of a good instructor. 

What this video covers:

  • Action specifics.
  • Cocking & De-cocking & Safety. 
  • Accidental De-cocking. 
  • Checking Bolt – Barrel Combo. 
  • Barrel Takedown. 
  • Removing / Locking Trigger-Group. 
  • Removing / Tightening Rings & Base.

In short, if you really don’t know much about Blaser but expect to see one on your range, this video will help. You’ll know the basics of the gun and your student can focus on the training. 






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