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PSA- Broken Blaser Firing Pins

Dry Firing a Blaser Rifle
PSA- Broken Blaser Firing Pins

While I have addressed this subject on our website over the years, it has occurred to me I haven’t made a video specific to the issue. 

The TLDR of it is this: I believe dry firing Blaser R8 & R93 rifles leaves the attached firing pins vulnerable to a whiplashing motion that can break them at the stepped shoulder. 

I do not think it’s something that can happen easily so occasional dry firings are not a big concern. But with that we made it armory policy to always check a Blaser’s firing pin with a jeweler’s loupe with every cleaning.

It is incumbent on every Blaser owner to maintenance and detect a damaged firing pin before the gun goes down. 

Showing up someplace to shoot only to turn up with a dead gun is a major party foul. Additionally, if you engage in extended dry firing sessions with a Blaser, we recommend the use of a snap-cap with a supported, dummy primer. 

Blasers are great rifles, but like every weapon, they have peccadillos. 

Finally, these opinions and observations about Blaser R8 / R93 / UIT / LRS / LRS2 / TAC2 firing pins are our own. And in no way endorsed by or agreed upon by the Blaser corporation. 






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