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A super cheap tool I found at Camp Perry for $5. It supposedly is designed with the Remington 870 shotgun in mind.

Once thing I anticipated earlier this year was the need to maintain a separate tool kit that was independent of the Armory and it’s workspaces. You see, even last year I knew the 1000 yard range wasn’t going to be on current Armory property.

So while it is nice to have access to all the knick-knacks and fancy tools back at the work-station, a lot of good that does someone if they are many miles away and in need of something.

Forgot the argument against. It’s $5.

And before you make the argument about hunting, traveling, or other “expeditionary” gun activities and having the tools you need; consider this, this range will see as many working guns as hangar-queens. Nobody in their right mind takes a basket-case of a rifle on the road.

But when you are testing rifles and gear at longer and longer ranges, needing a widget back at the office puts you in just that position. So the only remedy is to try and come up with a mobile tool kit that can handle 90% of all on-range needs.

A super cheap tool I found at Camp Perry for $5. It supposedly is designed with the Remington 870 shotgun in mind.

So with that in mind, I saw these $5 tool kits at Camp Perry. Sure. I understand. I get it. They are cheap. But when you need the ability to turn some random, non-standard screw on Freeze’s K31 scope mount, having some extra tools on hand goes a long, long way.

Many times, it can make the difference between shooting that day and not.

So while I have been buying quality wrenches and assorted tools from the big box retailers, I have been making a concerted effort to pickup the random knick-knack, el cheap-o, Harbor Freight types tools as well.

Once I committed to buy, most members of my party did the same. The 300blk Barrel and sight were part of this individuals take that day.

So…now is your chance to give me some advice. What should I buy to keep in my truck or on the new range? Bearing in mind I won’t solve all problems, but I wish to have the ability to rescue someone from at least 90% of them. I have an idea, but perhaps someone will suggest something I am not thinking of?

Again. Think guns. Not farm implements. Nobody fixes a firearm with a chainsaw, machete or shovel!

The new-old-stock tool bag is being filled now. What should go in it?



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