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Thompson Centerfire Hawken

I was walking by my bar the other day and I looked up and noticed a little rust near the Lock on a T/C Hawken rifle hanging on the wall. Since I had to take it down to clean, I decided to take a few pics.

Back in 2000 I was surfing some online traders and noticed a guy was selling a Thompson Rifle Flintlock kit. It was in 54 calibre and the price was right. I contacted the seller and he told me that his wife bought him the kit in 1970 or 1971, (I don’t recall) and he never got around to building it. Since I’m always looking for a project, I closed the deal and a week later the kit arrived. I built the kit. Took it out and test fired a few rounds. And put it up on the wall.

Thompson Center Hawken

My plan was to hunt some deer with it but that never really happened. My primary blackpowder hunting rifle is a Thompson Center Renegade Rifle in 50 calibre that I built in the late 1980’s. And from there I graduated to a 50 calibre inline barrel for my Mossberg 500 shotgun. So, for years this has been hanging on my wall untouched.

As I write this, I’m thinking to myself that I need to drag out all the BP firearms and have a “dirty day” at the range.

Thompson Center Renegade Built in 1980’s.


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