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Shameful Men
The father.

What kind of man, a father even, sits there and lets people attack his wife and daughters? Look closely. He is sitting right there! To the guy in the back corner, not in the wheelchair: what kind of man sits and watches a family with young kids get brutalized? 

Shameful Men
The scene of the crime. I see at least 2 men who could have done something, who didn’t.

You want to know everything that is wrong with certain parts of society? Here it is. It’s NOT JUST the girls doing the attacking who are the problem! Surely they ARE a problem. But problems don’t exist in a vacuum.

A list of issues: 

-New York City co-dependent culture.  

-Residents who mentally defer responsibility to The State

-Men who won’t defend women. 

-Woman who tolerate men who don’t defend them.

-Thugs and criminals who don’t face consequences or justice until their behavior is so out of control serious, they end up in prison.

Shameful Men
And while we are on the subject of men. How much you want to bet this girl doesn’t even have a shameful man in her life? Have no way of knowing for certain, but the mathematical odds are not in favor of it.

As a man, I can think of no greater shame than what I am witnessing take place here. To be so fearful. So incompetent. So weak. That you can just sit there and watch your family be attacked. There are things in life worse than death. There are consequences in nature worse than having your ass kicked. One such thing is failing your family. 

But this reminds me of another, not dissimilar kerfuffle that took place just last week: everyone who was all up in arms over the fake-drama concerning a song titled, “Try that in a small town”? You jokers can,  S.M.D. 






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