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Shim’ing a Rifle Scope

Shim rifle scope. Shim Rifle ring. Shim rifle base.
Notice the ship on the rear ring.

This is basically a POTD. Can’t do into it too much. But we have been dealing with a scope base problem for most of the year. And with COVID putting a monkey wrench into our 2020 schedule, it’s been tough to find time to chase it down.

This was taken about 2 weeks ago. We are sure where the problem is, but the scope bottomed out is still high at 100 yards.

The players:

1: Talley Base.
2: Seekins Rings.
3: J.Sip & Sons Barrel.
4: Blaser R8 Rifle.
5: Steiner Scope.
6: A&W Root-beer can.

You see that little sliver of metal by the back scope ring? That’s a section of pop can. A&W root-beer to be exact.

The result: It’s better. But still high at 100 yards. Not giving any more info because as of this writing, we don’t want to put the blame on the wrong vendor. So I am keeping it oblique.



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