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Wilson Combat Gun Lube.
Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube in packaging.

Wilson sent over a pistol earlier in 2020 and inside the package came some gun lube. Since I kept the kit together, the lube always happened to be around when shooting. 

Eventually we started using it at the range and have been pleased ever since. 

Wilson Combat Gun Lube.
Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube in packaging.

The example we have is their thin / cold-weather version. Which we ran all summer with great results. It has also been used on some AR’s, Glocks, HK, SIGs, and even a few bolt guns. It’s been great for two reasons. 

First..it works. Traditionally we have used SLIP2000 oils. Probably since around 2008? Hard to recall. But the SLIP product has alway had a weakness practically. And that is the containers we get it in. Eventually something goes wrong and it leaks half a bottle somewhere. So we are scooping it up into a Zip-Lock bag managing a huge mess until we use it up. 

Which gets me to the second thing I REALLY like about the Wilson lube: the container. And while this seems petty, with years of experience; I find Wilson is doing their packaging right. 

The Wilson oil comes in a re-sealable clamshell package. Inside the clamshell is the bottle. That bottle has a focused application point. A simple cover that clicks on to that structure. But the pay off is a re-usable plastic plug that goes inside the bottle. 

I thought this was a negative, but have come to realize it’s a huge plus. So I keep the bottle plugged, inside the clamshell case, stored in the bed of the truck. When I get to the range, I open it all up. Pull out the plug, Replace the top, and use normally. When done, plug and close. Put in clamshell. 

And not once in all these months have I opened the back of the truck and found oil leaking or spilled somewhere. Which means I get to use more of it. Which translates to it probably being “cheaper” by the ounce, than what I am currently buying.


So listen. I know I just wrote 7 paragraphs about stupid gun oil. I also acknowledge, I don’t really know how well it holds up on heavily suppressed, hot and full automatic rifles. But I am so happy with the experience so far, I’ll likely start buying it for our ranges. As long as it’s not 10x the cost of Slip2000. 

Besides…look at the bottle. Bill Wilson got jokes. 😉 

Wilson Combat Gun Lube.
Bill Wilson got jokes.





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