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Springfield Armory 10-8 Function Test

SACS 1911 10-8 Function Test
SACS 1911 10-8 Function Test

This video is going to be filled with my biases and some tropes. It’s is inevitable. But they are based in reality and facts. So here goes. 

40 S&W 1911s were always gamer guns to me. Yeah, sure. A bunch of folks are going to roll in and tell me they have never had an issue with their 40 S&W 1911…Blah…blah…blah. 

My response to them will usually be constructed around such statements like, I shoot more in a month than most of “my gun never…” guys shoot in a year. Don’t take advice form people who shoot less than me. And I don’t counsel feedback from people who know less than me. 

I just don’t. 

If that paragraph upsets you, or pisses you off, that’s all on you, dude. Most folks, including you, do the exact same thing in other aspects of life: Work, Finance, Dating, Etc. Retreading old ground with know-nothings who don’t even understand the gamer-gun technique of loading 40 S&W long is just getting in the muck with the pigs. 

40 S&W in 1911s have always…ALWAYS…been big, fat, muddy, long-loaded, 2011 pigs. And I won’t own a modern pistol that won’t run SAAMI spec, factory, commercial ammo 100%. 

And while I still hold that opinion for almost all 40 S&W 1911’s, we detected this pistol on the secondary market and it got my attention. For starters it appeared to be a full custom, SACS build. Secondly it didn’t have any hallmarks of being a competition gun. No adjustable sights. No magwell. But it has night sights?!? 

That doesn’t look like a single-stack, major division 40. That looks like someone’s carry gun. But LNIB. Could it possibly run SAAMI OAL 40 ammo? Hmmmm….it’s priced way too cheaply so I took a chance. 

Which brings us here to this video. The 10-8 function test. Again, looking back on close to 30 years of 1911 experience, I recall when the 10-8 test hit the scene and many, dare I say most, production 1911s would not pass it 100%. Hell! More than a few custom 1911’s shit the bed on it! That caused A LOT of drama back in the day. 

But this gun was built post 10-8 test introduction. Seems to be configured as a carry gun. And is full custom. Could this really be street carry-able? Or at least pass the 10-8? 

The answer on the latter is yes. It sailed though the 10-8 test without even close to bobbling. To say I am stunned is an understatement. What’s next? Dogs & Cats living together? Ford making a flying F-150? 

What a world!

Final thoughts and caveats. One, we are not gear reviewers. If I want your shit, I will buy your shit so don’t expect some kind of long-term shakedown. Two, we bought this since I really, really, really wanted to see if street 40 1911s could happen. Three, this gun will primarily get used when certain PD’s show up at our range still carrying Glock 22’s. Translation…they shoot 40. 

Now I can shoot 40 with them and compare apples to apples on such things as perceived recoil, ergonomics, trigger characteristics, timer splits and firepower. With…their…ammo…which…is…never…ever…allowed…to…be…hand…loaded…long. 

I’m super happy about that, if maybe, just a little, scared. 






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