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SRO – Diminishing Battery Life

Trijicon SRO Diminishing Battery Life
Trijicon SRO Diminishing Battery Life

One thing about logging maintenance and all rounds fired is over time, that data can be analyzed and turned into useful analysis. So I just changed the battery in the SRO after it died. No big deal. Was probably about time. 

What time is that you ask? Seems to be about 10 weeks. But there is more to the story. Here is the battery change schedule based off the battery dying over exactly the previous 3.5 years. 

4-20-20 Gun arrives (with a new battery I presume). 

4-8-21 (Energizer)

9-4-21 (Energizer)

3-5-22 (Energizer)

7-4-22 (Energizer)

10-5-22 (Duracell)

1-15-23 (Duracell)

5-3-23 (Duracell)

7-15-23 (Energizer)

9-27-23 (Duracell)

A couple of points. First, Look at the first battery change! Did I get a year? Doubtful. This was MY first red dot pistol, so logging the battery change didn’t seem obvious at first. But maybe…

Second, look at the next battery change. 6 months. That’s very good in retrospect. Perhaps the first battery did last 12 months? 

Third, we are down to about 4 month of life now and it is getting my attention. I switched to Duracell to see if that makes a difference. 

Fourth, the first Duracell has lasted about 13 weeks. The next Duracell about 12. After that it’s down to about 9 weeks. The next Duracell is about 9 weeks. 

Observations: I use this gun everyday. Literally. I also don’t allow the dot to adjust with lighting conditions. During the day I turn it up. In full sun I crank it. And at night before bed, I take it down to something I could wake up and see in a hurry. 

So no optimized electronics and battery life for me. But I suspect my use case is about normal. So with that out of the way, it certainly seems the battery life of the SRO is diminishing. Or at the very least HAS diminished to it’s current battery life cycle. 

It also appears which battery brand used has little to no effect on the dot’s battery life. 

A summary with mostly questions: Does the battery life on red dots diminish over time? Is that a thing? If you have any feedback on that issue, please leave it in the comments below. Second queston. Perhaps I have just had a “bad run” of batteries? Good news is my current back of Duracell’s is running out, so new batteries from a different lot will be informative about this question. 

So I will keep collecting data and report back in the future. 






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