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Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair

Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair
Stevens 22-410 Combination gun.

Some up close pictures fixing the extractor on our Stevens 22-410. After disassembling the system and cleaning it up, it became obvious the issue was a walking extractor screw. 

  1. Remove the set screw. Use creeping oil if necessary, but I can’t image it would be. 
  2. Pull the extractor straight out. 
  3. There will be a spring inside, if that doesn’t fall out due to grime, a pipe cleaner does wonders here. 
  4. Clean and inspect all parts. 
  5. Especially clean the channel. Again pipe cleaner. 
  6. Lube parts, drop lube in the channel. 
  7. Reassemble the set the screw AlLL THE WAY Down. 
  8. I would NOT use any thread locker. Foul the threads with something removable if need be, but I can’t imagine you’ll need it. 


As long as the parts aren’t damaged, extractor should work as designed. Pretty easy fix all things considered. 




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