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STI DVC-P 10-8 Function Test

DVC-P 10-8 Function Test
DVC-P 10-8 Function Test

“Officer Mike”, has let us borrow this STI 2011 pistol. This is a double stack 9mm with a huge muzzle break on it. 

Frankly, not sure what I think about this gun. But it’s growing on me. 9mm 1911s are already weakly sprung. One with a big muzzle break on it, even less so.

With that in mind, working the pistol by hand; I question the wisdom of that choice. And the utility of it’s implementation beyond a square range. 

“Will this thing even run?”, I ask?

The answer is yes. And gosh darn! It passed the 10-8 test!  Without even being through it’s recommended factory break-in! 

Wow. I am truly stunned. 

Even if I never “get it” when it comes to these guns? There is now ZERO doubt that somebody over at STI put in the work fitting and tuning this thing. 

“Am I a convert”, you ask? No. But they have earned the benefit of the doubt this day. Until it chokes at least. And it will. Like I said, it’s too weakly sprung. So savor that victory, STI. 

All glory is fleeting…






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