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Stick Grenade As a Nutcracker

Chinese man using stick grenade as a nutcracker

Chinese media recently posted a story about a man who had contacted authorities about his nutcracker. It seems there was a PSA program that was warning civilians about unexploded ordnance and weapons scattered throughout the country.

This may seem a little unusual to our American readers, but think about it. We are still digging up and finding weapons and ORD from 1776, 1812 and the US Civil War! China was basically the Middle East for a few hundred years up until the late 1940’s.

By the time the People’s Republic of China was established, there were rifles, handguns, grenades, bombs, machine-guns, mortars, landmines, artillery, all over that country. It’s not unreasonable to suspect that older rural villagers and homes may still be holding on to such items.

Now for the picture. Freeze is guessing it’s a Russian made stick grenade. I am not sure but it doesn’t look German to me. But I’m not an expert. However, our Scott Mayer just last year wrote an article on the subject that you can read by CLICKING HERE.

Anyway it is reported that a Chinese man from the city of AnKang told authorities he had been using the device as a nutcracker for his walnuts for the past 25 years! He had received it as a gift from a friend in 1991. It seems he saw the PSA, recognized the nutcracker for what it was, and decided to turn it in.

No word last I checked if it was actually live or rendered inert. In typical Chi-Com Fashion, I doubt they will ever release the results.

Now you know!


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