Suppressed 7.5x55 / 7.5 Swiss Barrel. Blaser R8.

Suppressed 7.5×55

Where has the R8 been you ask? The answer is: I was having multiple barrels threaded for suppressors. 

Having never shot a non-factory threaded barrel, I was somewhat worried about baffle strikes. 

But my fears were for naught. The machine shop that did the work is run by a very accomplished rifle shooter. The 5/8 x 24 threading is perfect. 

  • Rifle make: Blaser
  • Model: R8
  • Action: Straight-pull
  • Barrel: 7.5 Swiss (7.5×55)
  • Barrel Maker: J. Sip & Sons (Website Click HERE)
  • Chassis: GRS Ragnarok 





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