Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Franchi LAW-12

BlackJack Buffers, LLC – LAW-12 Shotgun

A reader named Van reached out recently looking for a replacement buffer for his Franchi Law-12 shotgun. At the time, it seems the SPAS-12...
Citori Breaks 1000 Rounds

Citori Passes 1000 Rounds

Well…it has taken the better part of 20 years, but our “sporting gun” has finally passed the 1000 rounds fired mark.  Since I am not...
Browning A5 Shotgun

The New Browning A5

Finally saw one of these new Browning A5’s in a shop. Figured it would be fun gun to play with. Of course it doesn’t...

Franchi Law -12 Disassembly

This video is as much for us as it is for external use. I won’t admit how much time I have in figuring out...

Mossberg’s Going Wood

Just heard Mossberg is coming out with retro kind of wood stocked 500 & 590 shotguns. I for one am excited! I understand the...

Mossberg 590 Upgrades

This will be a picture heavy post with little description since it’s self explanatory. Shown is a Mossberg 590 I purchased back in the...

Rhodesian A5 Shotgun Pictures on Range

A few months back, I posted some videos of us testing a Rhodesian A5 shotgun. Turns out, I was derelict in my duties and...