Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Gucci Ammo

Officer Mike: “You wanna see some Gucci ammo?” Marky: Not knowing what that means, “Uhhh…sure?” Officer Mike: “I got a bunch of this with a knife...

Rant – The 300 Blackout Alternative

Driving out to the range this morning and wanted to share some thoughts on a statement I heard defending 300blk. It went something like...

Why SOCOM Wants a 300Blk

The news today is SOCOM has put out a RFP for a very short, very light, 300 blackout (300blk) M4 pattern rifle. They also...

Another Strike Against The 300 Blackout

Our regulars know that, at least for the foreseeable future, we want nothing to do with the 300 Blackout cartridge. Yes, I am aware...

De Lisle Carbine: Why I’ll Probably Never Buy a 300BLK

I need to start off by saying the market is what sells. Diversity and freedom of choice is king. So I don't criticize other's...