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De Lisle Carbine: Why I’ll Probably Never Buy a 300BLK

De Lisle Carbine

I need to start off by saying the market is what sells. Diversity and freedom of choice is king. So I don’t criticize other’s choices. That’s an easy trap to fall into. The concept of going your own way is what guarantees the survival of the human species. If 1000 asteroids crash into the planet tomorrow and destroy humanity, my money is the human race has a better than average chance of coming back from that.


How? Because out of 7 billion people, I am certain there are at least a few dozen of us living full time in bunkers and underground shipping containers. It’s a choice those people made; and when the asteroids come, fate will have vindicated their thinking. And humanity as a whole is better for it. So I appreciate the bunker people even if they don’t know it. In the mean time, I’m going to live my life.


De Lisle 45ACP Carbine
De Lisle 45ACP Carbine

It is much the same with the 300 Black Out (referred to as 300BLK). I understand the arguments for it. I understand it’s a round designed for suppression. I have heard all of the reasoning. Read all the stats. And thoroughly understand that if you are looking to surreptiously clear a structure behind enemy lines, and your KA-BAR is dull and the piano wire was left back at Fort-KnightElf-Mohawk, the 300BLK can give you some serious, suppressed punch at CQB distances.


But to me, it’s just another boutique round. Especially for an automatic. I question the logistics. I question the prices. And I see similarities to the arguments for 357SIG, .357TSW, 45GAP and 6.8SPC. I still can vividly see a known gun-writer who was shooting near me at an event. His 6.8SPC was THE new fangled cool-guy round. The Army was defiantly going to pick it up (sic). At the time it was a $1.00 a shot. Or was it $3.00? But over a 3 day period, the course of fire was 1800 rounds. Yeah, I said it too…WTF?


And then you get into people who buy 300BLK and don’t suppress it. Oooof! Subsonic 5,56 is easy for me to come by. Hand loading 308 subsonic is very easy for me to do. In the rare case I want to do that.


De Lisle 45ACP Carbine
De Lisle 45ACP Carbine

But a fun gun? A neat gun? A quiet plinker? An ultimate urban animal deprivation rifle? Sentry elimination (Walter Mitty fantasy land?). My dream would be to one day buy a reproduction De Lisle Enfield Carbine in 45ACP. One, it’s a cool piece of WWII history. Two, it’s damn quiet. Many say more quiet than suppressed .22’s. And finally, 45ACP 230 ball is all over the armory. As are semi-wadcutters and high-performance JHP rounds. For those who don’t know, 45 ball in inherently sub-sonic. Lots of available and cheap options.


So I can shoot, plink, train, and thoroughly enjoy a De Lisle carbine. Sure the barrier for entry is higher than 300BLK. And I’ll never be on the cover of SWAT Magazine shooting it. But very quickly, with enough ear to ear fun shooting, it would probably be cheaper. For me. So if you have a De Lisle Carbine for sale at a decent price, feel free to knock on my bunker door.




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