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Yugo Mauser Pics In The Snow

I have kind of been on Freeze about him taking more pictures of our projects and sharing them with readers. He’s always got some...

Update: Re-Blue of Parts on CZ Mauser

Freeze has completed the re-blueing of parts on the CZ Mauser. Things are progressing nicely. You can see the original photos of the Mauser HERE. And...

Yugo K98 Mauser ReHab

A while back we picked up a Yugoslavian K98 Mauser. It's been collecting dust in the armory for awhile. Well since the weather is...

Hakim in American Rifleman

We posted a review of an Egyptian Hakim by Scott Mayer a few weeks ago. The rife was so good, I bought the company....
Egypt’s Hakim is a variant of Sweden’s Ljungman Model 42 rifle, but chambered in a more powerful cartridge and with an adjustable gas system.

The Egyptian Hakim Rifle

Egypt’s Hakim is one of those badass battle rifles you’ll occasionally see for sale online and at gun shows. It’s basically a 7.92(8mm Mauser)...