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Etosha National Park

Hunt Over

I am done hunting so the Safari outfitter brought me to Etosha National Park.  About 5 hours north of the hunting camp.  This lodge is awesome.  Park...
Doc and his Waterbuck.


Hunting his done.  Took this great waterbuck this morning.  All the same people in the photo as yesterday.   What a great trip!   Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Warthog Tag Filled. Namibia.

Warthog Tag Filled

Warthog Tag Filled After two days I got this good warthog about an hour before dark tonight.  It has been cold (by Namibian standards) and these...
Blue Wildebeest Hunt

Blue Wildebeest

Been out looking for a warthog.  It may take several days as this is one of the most difficult species to hunt.  Shot this blue wildebeest...
Doc me in Qatar. Safari.

Me in Qatar

If I look like I’ve road hard and put up wet it’s because I feel like it.  About 1:00 am here and only got some...
Weatherby rifles

The Guns Not Taken

Editor’s note: Doc was supposed to be in Africa on Safari right now. But COVID round two was playing havoc on his logistics plan...
African Hunting Rifle.

300 Weatherby For Africa

Doc and I were out on the range for another project, but he wanted to get his 300 Weatherby shot. A big trip to...

POTD — Rhinos in Namibia

This photo is minutes old. Scott Mayer is eyeing rhinos on the plains of Africa. He figured maybe our readers would like to do...

Packing For Safari

By the time you read this, I will have returned from a 10-day plains game safari in Namibia and I thought you might be...