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AIM Surplus Showroom Visit.

AIM Surplus Visit

Stopped in AIM Surplus to pick up some extra ammo real quick for the Kraken visit. They have REALLY upgraded their showroom for the...
S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus.

S&W Model 10-8 

So has anyone else picked up one of the model 10’s that have been flowing back into the country? Personally I have been keeping...

POTD – Walther P1

I haven't touched a Walther P-38 / P-1 in 10 to 15 years. But thanks to AIM surplus, we now have a nice reference...

Tour of AIM Warehouse

There has been great interest in the latest raffle gun. The hand-picked Mosin-Nagant Russian Sniper. Many are inquiring as to how we came in...