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POTD — Behind The Desk

When we do a Armory Chat Live video, inevitably we will receive a few private messages inquiring about item X or item Y on...

RPG-7 Project Complete

Finally have all the parts needed for the RPG-7 Project to be complete. RPG-7 Tube. RPG-7 Inert Rocket. RPG BiPod. RPG Sight System / PGO-7   Marky www.John1911.com "Shooting Guns & Having...

POTD — French LRAC-50 Bazooka

Thought this would be an interesting photo to share. The LRAC-50 bazooka is uncommon in the United States. It fires a 73mm Anti-Tank rocket....

Com-Bloc RPG with Bi-Pod

Some of you are aware that besides firearms, we keep examples of man portable ordnance in the armory as well. A month or so...