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Blaser Tactical 2

Bore-Sighting a Blaser

I don’t, generally, have to re-zero rifles from scratch. But when I do, doing it on a Blaser is pretty easy. From the clear...
Dry Firing a Blaser Rifle

PSA- Broken Blaser Firing Pins

While I have addressed this subject on our website over the years, it has occurred to me I haven’t made a video specific to...
Blaser R8 Action Size

Blaser R8 – Long or Short Action?

Had an interesting e-mail from someone recently who was in the market for his first Blaser R8. After some back and forth, I realized...
Blaser R8 Ultimate X - 10 Round Magazine.

Blaser Releases 10rd Mag

Started to see grumblings about this last night and today it dropped. Blaser has released a 10 round, detached, magazine design for their R8...
Blaser Tactical 2 Training Day 155g 308

Personal Training Day

Had the Blaser Tactical 2 out. 308 barrel on. Shooting some of Doc’s 155g hand-loads.  This was a personal training session so I didn’t film...

Blaser LRS-2 / Tactical-2 Magazine Repair

Wanted to seek some advice from the community about a magazine issue I am having. I can’t help but wonder if there is something...

Pig Hunt Bullet Fragment

This is an administrative post for an inside project. Someone wanted to see what a 270wby TTSX bullet looks like after hitting a pig...

Armory Chat EP22 — Bolting Stuff to Your Rifle

Armory Chat EP22. It seems there are some people who might need some explanation on how to bolt stuff to your rifle. It's not...