Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Origins of COVID-19

Origins of COVID-19

The News is filled with questions as to the origins of Covid-19 And they say they want answers While I believe the Virus was manufactured for...
COVID-19 / SCAR-20 Thumb

COVID-19 / SCAR-20

Doc came out to play during the tail end of the Covid shutdown. Brought his SCAR along and banged steel from 200 yards to...
The Guns of Covid

The Guns of Covid

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown, we noticed that the competition for collectable guns, at least at auction, has decreased.  So while we didn’t get any...

EP-171: Now It’s 12 Monkeys

Ep171 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. Coronavirus Escaped from lab. Wilson Sends us X9L. Safariland is a wreck of a business. Does...

Armory Chat 47: Nobody Cares About Your HP Ammo

This video was recorded during the morning of Sunday, March 15th. I had received MULTIPLE messages asking about HP ammo. At that time, being...

EP166 – Freeze Has It: Crack AIDS

Ep166 of the John1911.com Podcast: Freeze has Crack AIDS. The ammo shortage. Walmart HAZMAT Attack. LA run on gun stores. Gillum Meth story. New...

EP-165: Return of The Meth King

Ep165 of the John1911 Podcast:   The Commie Cough. Biden - Black on Back Talk? Union Workers & Guns. Choose: Dope Card or Gun Card? ...