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Browning Eurobolt Euro-Bolt 270 Winchester.

Browning Euro-Bolt 270

Browning Euro-Bolt 270 Editors note:  “Some readers commented in a previous post that Officer Mike’s hunting rifle looked like a shotgun and wondered the gauge and...
AR-47 Build Pics

AR-47 Build Pictures

Some have asked to see static photos of Freeze’s AR-47 Deer-Buster gun. —Editor.   
SHS57 Ruger Model 44

SHS 57: Ruger Model 44 Carbine

If you are a fan of the 10/22 but always wanted it in a bigger caliber? Then this could be the gun for you: ...
SHS-51 Winchester 1894

SHS-51: Winchester 1894 30-30

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we are looking at a Pre-64 Winchester Lever Gun. Since this gun is located in Ohio,...

A Rifle We Should Have Bought: Marlin 44 Mag

Long story short. This came up in an estate sale. I passed on it. Marky then passed on it. And finally my Son-in-law snatched...