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Getting The Hard A

A habit I got into many, many years ago was to document my range sessions or any shooting. The primary reason was to get...
3 second par time. HK Vp9. Shot timer.

3 Second Par Time

Blowing the dust off the VP9 and playing with a 3 second par time. And the video tells the tale: I need to work...

The Best Manual Of Arms?

What is the best manual of arms? My advice is to master "one kind" first, and only then revaluate and grow from there. Only...
Don't Just Shoot Prone - Barricade Shooting.

Barricade Shooting: Don’t Just Shoot Prone

Just trying to get a little practice in on the barricade. Getting used to the new chassis and suppressor. Rifle: Blaser. Caliber: 243 Chassis:...
POTD - BCM : LMT Zero at Cool Kid Range

POTD – Zero Confirm At The Cool Kid Range

Had the chance to run over to the Cool-Kid LE range and do some quick zero tweaking. We have a thing. So in order...